Generation Fire

Ywam Nelson

Ignite a new fire inside of you



February 12th 2023


Nelson is the perfect place for those that love to get out into nature and explore.  Surrounded by hiking tracks, beautiful National Parks,  beaches, mountains and bikes tracks. Come and Adventure with us.


Discover who God has created you to be. Now is the time to step out of the darkness into the light of Christ and in that discover your own light that Christ placed in you.


The youth are the next generation  and we believe God is raising up new leaders to minister to them.

This school will place an emphasis on raising up new missionaries to reach the youth of tomorrow around the globe. 

What To expect

This DTS is about learning how to express the incredible love that God has for his kingdom.  We do this by serving and through pouring out our lives so that others might have the opportunity to know Christ!  When we set our eyes on others we ourselves become refreshed by God. In this school, we will be laying down our own agendas and pursing the will of our Father in heaven!


The DTS is about taking the passions God has given us and using them to ignite the fire inside of us. We will no longer settle for being christians that live mundane lives instead we will be people who pursue the extraordinary God has for us.


Each week, you will learn from amazing speakers and have an opportunity to participate in evangelism and outreach projects as well as serve in a local youth group each Friday. The Generation Fire DTS, offers you the unique opportunity to immediately practice what you learning in the classroom! As God reveals himself to you through the lectures, you will be able to minister to those in the community!



We have lectures 5 days a week. These cover different topics such as: Holy Spirit, Identity, Father Heart, Evangelism and so much more.


Every week we hit the streets in different and creative ways to share the gospel with those of the Nelson community.


During DTS we have 1-1 mentoring for every student so as you grow and learn you know you will always have someone to process all that’s going on.

Worship & Intercession

We gather for worship and praise 3 times a week. We also have opportunity for those that are growing in musical ability to be apart of our worship teams.



Campus Life

Community is a huge part of what DTS has to offer. Class times, late night chats, serving together, and many shared memories will mean you leave this school having made deep friendships that will last forever. Nelson is the geographical center of New Zealand, known for being the sunniest region! Check out our local activities such as surfing, hiking, sailing and mountain biking with new friends from all over the world!




The 2 month outreach phase will be focussed on partnering with God to reach out and bring new fire to those across the globe. We are currently looking at focussing our outreach teams on Fiji, Latin America and into New Zealand.


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