Jack Bradley

Hello! I’m Jack from Toronto, Canada. I am 18 and I decided to do a DTS at YWAM Nelson to discover if God is real and to learn what true Christianity is. My perspective and purpose in life have been transformed and God had revealed himself to me throughout the DTS. The Nelson base provided the perfect opportunity for me to encounter and grow in my relationship with God. I feel that God is leading me to University, I am now equipped to tackle my future with the knowledge and relationship I have developed with God over the past few months. YWAM Nelson gave me so much more than what I was expecting, and I am so thankful for how my life has changed.

Jed Frethey

Hello everyone! I’m Jed and I’m 18 from Nelson, New Zealand. I knew that once school finished I wanted to serve God vocationally. I thought this looked like bible college but God made it very clear to me that he had other plans, and He lead me to YWAM Nelson to a DTS. Over the school God moved in so many ways in my life. He restored the identity and worth I have in Him. He imparted a deep understanding of the love He has for me into my heart, and he began to reveal what His plans for my life are, rather than my plans. I can honestly say God changed my life doing this DTS.

Lisa Sogi

Lisa I’m 20 and I’m from Switzerland. I came to YWAM Nelson because it was highlighted to me as the perfect opportunity to continue developing my relationship with the Lord after I had just completed 6 months volunteering in Israel supporting holocaust survivors.
Since being here one of many highlights has been getting baptized during lordship week.  This was meaningful to me because it confirmed my identity through Christ. I’m excited to see what God has in store for me next as my future is in his hands!

Nick Szpor

Hi I’m Nick. I am 22 from Fresno, CA USA and a new graduate of the University of Wyoming. I am a life-long lover and participator of sports, but Jesus has captured my heart. I came to do DTS to pursue the supernatural side of God. I knocked in the natural and he answered in the spirit! Before the school started, my plan was to go home, wait to get a job, get married, and start a family. Just before graduating DTS, the Lord spoke to me about coming to staff in Nelson. The Lord has used YWAM to open my eyes to what he is doing and what he wants to do with me, through me and around me. The more I get to know who God is, the more I want to go deeper & farther in relationship and understanding – YWAM Nelson is the perfect place for me to do that.

Marian Jennings

Hi my name is Marian. I’m from Christchurch New Zealand but grew up in a town called Blenheim. I came to YWAM Nelson because I felt that I was called to be here. I prayed about it a lot and God confirmed YWAM as His purpose for me in this season. I’ve really enjoyed all the learning I’ve been doing on the DTS. My goal has been to become more confident in my understanding of God and my ability to reach out to others. I’m learning new things about myself and my relationship with Him everyday.

Jennifer Nieuland

Hi there, my name is Jennifer and I am from Ontario, Canada. When God called me to be a part of the YWAM Nelson DTS, I was shocked and pleasantly surprised as the timing was perfect but I had never been out of the country without my family before. Now that I’ve arrived in New Zealand and bonded with my classmates, who are also learning about God, we are healing from lies and pain from the past and experiencing freedom that we haven’t known before. I will admit I didn’t quite know what to expect before I came, but God is doing amazing things here and He has a great plan for my life. We are all excited to see what He is going to do here in Nelson and how He’s going to bring His kingdom here on Earth.

Lauren Randall

Hi, I’m Lauren from Bedfordshire England. I came to YWAM Nelson to Finnish my DTS journey that I started last year, with the hopes of staffing in the future. I also came to discover more of my identity as a daughter of God. God has been talking to me about my identity since being here, that I have the same authority that Jesus does and that my story and voice matters!

Shania Page

Hey my name is Shania I’m from a small town in New Zealand. I decided to come to YWAM Nelson as I wanted to grown in faith with God even more and didn’t feel ready to head away to university. Since being here I’ve felt God moving so much in my life! During my first week I made the decision to get baptized as a confirmation of my identity in Christ. This was a very special moment for me. I feel very lucky to be here in Nelson as it’s so beautiful

Caroline Heinrich

Aloha and Kia Ora!  My name is Caroline Heinrich and my home port is Honolulu, Hawaii.  I have been a mission builder with YWAM  ships Kona since 2013.  I’ve traveled many places around the world serving a crew and  as  the cook aboard many of their ships ( S/V Caribbean Reach, Hawaii Aloha) ( s/v Next Wave, Pacific Link, Liberty and most recently the Koha in New Zealand.
God brought me to the S/V Koha last November and  I was able to visit the campus of the YWAM Nelson base.  I could feel the Holy Spirit plant my feet into the grounds on the place as if roots were growing from them.  After a month of waiting and seeking Gods guidance I filled out the application and was accepted to the DTS February 2, 2020.

As I am going through  the epidemic here in Nelson, I am so bless to be apart of this group of friends and share laughter and tears as we continue to grow and fine our place in Gods tapestry of Agape Love for the world.


Jill McComb

Hi I’m Jill, 18 years old and from a small town in Ontario, Canada. I was raised in a Christian home my whole life, but I never had a real or authentic connection with my Heavenly Father. I have come to YWAM to further my relationship with God and to seek him through everything in my life. By coming to Nelson New Zealand I wanted to deepen my love for Jesus and how I can show people love through his grace and forgiveness. Through this experience so far, I have grown to a better understanding how the Holy Spirit, Jesus and the Father loves me deeply and has a plan to make my life a righteous one. I have been able to grow many relationships here with my fellow 18 DTS classmates, where we are able to mentor and walk this Christian life together. My main reason to come here was to find meaning and purpose for my life and have found that I have full identity in Jesus and this life is not my own! I am so ready to be a missionary for Jesus Christ!