Online Payment

You can pay your fees or make a donation using the methods below.

There are several methods which you can use to pay your school fees or make a donation to the base or a staff member. If you are paying from a New Zealand bank account please see the NZ Bank Transfer tab below. Paying from a New Zealand bank account does not incur any fees.

The most convenient method is using the online payment form below, however, its a little pricier as the merchant takes a 2.5% fee from each transaction. For that reason, we recommend online payments for smaller sums and wire transfer for larger sums such as school fees.

It’s your choice which method best suits your situation but please remember to add the cost of the method to the total sum. Check the tabs below for more details.

Please note all YWAM Nelson prices are in New Zealand dollars, please use the currency converter to ensure you are paying the correct amount.  Credit Card and Wire Transfer payment options may be operating in US dollars so please check these also.

Pay Online

Please fill out the form below with details of what the purpose of the payment is for.

Using this method incurs a 2.5% fee from the merchant.

In order to cover this fee the form below automatically adds 2.5% to the total to pay.


TransferWise is a cross border money transfer service similar to Western Union.

Transferwise is our go-to service because of the great exchange rate they offer, really low fees and ease of use. You will need to signup for a free account and add YWAM Nelson as a payee but it’s a nice and simple process to follow.

Check out the videos below for help on how to do this.

After creating your account add YWAM Nelson as a payee (see details below) and initiate a new transaction as per the video below.

Name: YWAM Nelson
Address: 248 Wakapuaka Road
City: Nelson
Country: New Zealand
Post Code: 7071
Bank Account: 02-0940-0079118-000


This method incurs no fees at all, it’s a bank to bank transfer (New Zealand banks only).

In the particulars field, please list one of the following designations.

  • School Fees
  • Donation to Staff
  • Donation to YWAM Nelson

In the reference field, please enter specific identifying information, for example;

  • If it’s school fees please list the school “Feb DTS 20xx”
  • If it’s for a staff member please put the staff member’s last then first name
  • If it’s a donation for YWAM Nelson enter the fund such as “Building project”, “General fund” etc.

Please also send an email to advising of the payment details so we can make sure we apply everything correctly.

YWAM Nelson Trust Account